What is a MOME Care Pack?

Home isolation triggers special difficulties in various life situations.

The Social Design Research Group of the Innovation Center at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest (MOME) prepared MOME CARE PACKS IN TIMES OF ISOLATION. They are physical kits containing basic equipment and stuff for various life situations providing special help for the period ahead of us.

Let’s act for others!

At our webpage you can find descriptions about the content and assemblage of our Care Packages as well as downloadable preparation guides including individual design optimalized for home preparation.

By investing minimal energy, in the name of social solidarity, anyone may support people, family members and disadvantaged communities in need in her environment by compiling and handing over these packs.

For the compilation of the Packs and the accompanying guides we involved professionals of various background in our work. The previously prepared Bódva Pakk by MOME researchers of sustainability, the Finnish baby box initiative, and the Christmas shoe box gift campaign served as precedents.

The first MOME Care Package is the Baby Pack that focuses on aspects of infant care.

We are working on the development of further Care Packages. Please visit this website later to check the latest information on the availability of our kits.

The arrival of a newborn results in many changes in the family that are difficult to prepare for, especially in the time of an unexpected period of isolation. In the present situation, when having a baby, providing the proper conditions for her care is impeded, the significance of personal hygiene increases and the important and indispensable visits by nurses and post-partum doulas are more difficult to arrange. The “Baby Pack in Times of Isolation” is a kit containing the basic equipment and information necessary to receive a newborn and makes the first three months of the post-partum period easier.

The ideas, information, patterns can be downloaded by anyone who would like to help for instance those families who are expecting their first child in this unstable time and would be in need of baby care tools and equipment. Part of the listed objects can be easily accessible, can be prepared easily by using materials one can find at home and when ready, they are easy to be disinfected.

Comfort Package targets the generation of 65+. In the current situation this generation is the most vulnerable for being infected according to current information on COVID-19 – the virus is most dangerous for them. This package has been compiled to provide support for this generation. Many older adults lack wider or smaller network of family or friends therefore they are even more threatened the current circumstances. The package designed for them, contains equipment and tools that help to satisfy their major needs during the times of isolation.

The package focuses especially on issues of hygiene and disinfection. Suggested further contents of the package target issues about health preservation, daily routine, free time activities and include tools that help to give joy or may distract users from difficulties emerging due to the state of being isolated.

Creative Pack and the MOME Care Pack series is a response to the various forms, quality and target groups of isolation.

The Creative Pack focuses on the experience of learning through games and on developing and supporting the age group 8-12 years. The pack is targeted both for those families who collect inspiration to spend time with the most diverse activities possible or those who are looking for alternative creativity development activities for their children that is easy to afford. During the time of social distancing parents are challenged by the task of having to keep their children’s attention and developing their creativity on top of the necessary daily routine and regular school duties. Isolation is even more difficult because of the limited possibilities for physical activities.

The Creative Pack is a package that offers a playful alternative to fill the time. There are three types of games in the package that mostly develop fine motoric skills, dexterity, spatial thinking as well as memory.

The MOME A4 Building Block Game familiarizes children with creative construction by using using building blocks made of paper and by using other materials usually available at home – with these simple things you can create your own universe!A4 Memory Game is a downloadable game; you can practice your knowledge about animals in biology. By using the A4 Geometric Game you can develop skills like spatial vision, the recognition of spatial forms and shapes. The ideas you can find in the package may be realized by using tools that you can find easily in stores or in your household.

The video below demonstrates how you can create amazing structures using the MOME A4 Building Block Game.

We are looking for partners

We are looking for those private partners, enterprises, companies who may be interested in cooperating in compiling and creating the MOME Care Packages by offering materials or financing or who are interested in further cooperation options therefore providing help for those individuals and families who are currently in need of special support.



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